Tuesday, February 22


We made it home with no problems--well almost, my windshield wiper fluid was froze up so I had to stop periodically to clean off the windshield due to all the road spray from the other trucks and cars.  No big deal it thawed once I got to dry pavement!! 
Wanted to show some photos of the girlz playing in the snow. They had such fun, wish we could have stayed another day to play. Oh, and remember those cute little squeaky toys?? well I'll let the photo tell the story!!!!GRACIE....

puppy zoomies thru the snow tunnel

Brenda and Gracie

The sunrise with the new snow.

Gracie..what happened to your new toys??!!??

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  1. Val, my bella does the exact same thing with stuffed toys.. she chews away a little hole and then pulls all the stuffing out... a stuffed animal only last minutes with her, she does better with squeaky toys. too cute !


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