Monday, May 7


Three weeks ago we watched our cars float away and prayed our lives would be spared due to the near 50 inches of rain that fell on our little island in a 24 hour period.  Today was much different. We took a little trek, enjoyed the sunshine and observed a momma monk seal and her 2 week old pup.  It's been a trying 3 weeks, but we are rebounding. We purchased "new" cars, the landlord replaced the washer and dryer (yay, no more Laundromat:) and the mud is finally drying up.
So sharing our afternoon of sunshine and seals. 



  1. i am so glad to see you are safe from the volcano that is on our news right now. i knew about the flooding and hoped you were not in the path of this fire. your island is beautiful

  2. We are so happy to hear that life is returning to somewhat normal for you.

  3. Glad the sun is out and you're not standing in mud!

  4. So happy paradise is returning for you both.

  5. We wish we had a day like this today. The sunshine is looking so beautiful. We hope you enjoyed your fun day. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
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