Tuesday, August 25

Ladies and Gentlemen....

We have a WEANER!!! Our little Hawaiian Monk Seal known as PK4 was weaned today at age 6 weeks. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. This little monk sure does make me smile.
My mom left me today.....

I got sand in my mouth!!!

I found a stick
Looks at all my sticks
Tidal wave!!

hey, where'd all my sticks go??

Sticks make nice pillows

Tuesday, August 18

Clean Stuffies make me smile!!

5 weeks today....

Our little  Hawaiian Monk Seal PK4 is 5 weeks old today. 
 A few of my favorite shots from my monitoring session.
Hope you enjoy.
How I found them

Our little monk sure is growing

He's so fat that he can hardly roll over

Hanging with MOM

He is a little demanding when it comes to lunch time


Finally, LUNCH!!!!

Tuesday, August 11

My Summer....

Sorry for the absence this summer.  I've been spending 3 days a week out monitoring 4 new Hawaiian Monk Seal pups.  I know, tough job, but heck somebody has to do it.  Actually, there are many volunteers that have spent countless hours watching these adorable little monks. Wanted to share some of my favorite shots (thus far) of them. They all have distinct personalities and just make me smile.


RG58---calling for lunch!

RG58 --surf rider


RG58 and Momma RH58



RG22 and RG13


and this my friends is what has kept me from blogging....