Monday, May 30

Perennial Flower Bed and Bird Feeder area.....DONE!

Finished the perennial flower bed on saturday. Will continue to add more flowers and other items as time goes on. Lots of birds are using the feeders. Such fun to watch from the kitchen window.

Thursday, May 19

Shot of Schatz gets a special mention....

My photo of Schatzie "reflecting" on the winter sunrise received a special mention in the recent photo contest I entered. Be sure to check out the blog  to see the winning photo..which by the way, is STUNNING!!  P.S. join the fun...enter a photo of your own!!
Still trying to recover from the time change since returning home from Hawaii...hope to have some photos up soon.

Saturday, May 14


Having a great time on Maui....I will post more photos when I return to the "farm" next week.  Aloha