Wednesday, April 27

Surprise visitors....

 I found this pair of Canada geese hanging out near our pond today.  I was able to get a couple quick shots before they slipped into the pond.  Wonder if they might hang around for awhile since the "mighty" guard dogs will be away from the ranch. Guess only the geese will know.
Off to Hawaii tomorrow....til next time.

Wednesday, April 20

My guard dogs...

I do believe this corner of my yard is well protected....

Tuesday, April 19

after the fire....

Good morning,
Woke to a beautiful rain, the perfect healing blanket for our newly charred earth. The girlz and I took our usual walk about the farm. Needless to say I have 2 very messy mutts this a.m. They are now in the utility room drying off from their very chilly bath with the garden hose.
Here are some photos of the morning after.....
area north of house

NE corner of farm

lookng back to house from west end

South pasture area

look....our own waterfall

a look to the south

Monday, April 18

more fire photos

Gracie supervising!!

a look from the feedlot across the road

south of house

north of house

North road

Where there's smoke.......

Today was our day!! The fire department set our CRP ground a blaze in a controlled burn. We have been on their list  for several weeks and I didn't think it would happen today, because of the wind, however, the wind was perfect and made the job quick and easy.  Many thanks to the Hallam volunteer fire department. Here are some action shots.
The fire trucks arrive

watering down the poles

View of west edge of property from north road

the fire starter

west of the pond

south of pond

west of pond

new trees and west section of property

Saturday, April 16

Photo Contest Entry

It's been busy around the Bloy Ranch the last month. My apologies for not keeping you up to-date on the happenings around here. I promise I will try and do better.
Wanted to share a photo I took of Schatzie earlier this year. The girlz and I were out doing our routine morning walk about the ranch and fortunately I had my camera in hand. I looked back to observe the sunrise when I caught this shot of Schatzie appearing as though she too, was watching the sunrise. The contest I entered is for amateur photographers and is sponsored by a lady named Joan and her blog is called   She has a monthly theme and it has encouraged me to think outside the "normal" when taking my photos. This month the theme is "Reflections" I figured everyone will be entering photos of water reflections, so I dug out the dictionary and looked up the definition of reflections....
and one of the meanings was---careful,serious thought or consideration.  Well....I do believe that my Schatzie is in serious thought in this photo. What do you think??
Again, it's just fun to think beyond the normal and catch it with the camera.

I am posting both of the photos I have entered thus far, check out her blog, there are lots of other really cool photos on Joan's site.
later, val

Schatzie, reflecting on the sunrise!!!

My entry for the RED theme.